Friday, April 20, 2018

Bedroom Is Almost Completed.

Hi everyone. 
I spent some time this week trying to finish up my bedroom. It was a chore since wall needed to be painted, baseboard was washed and polish, windows were cleaned and before putting up new curtains. I will be changing my bedspread soon with new sleeping and toss pillows.
So come take a look at my bedroom now, know that I still have the dresser & nightstand still needs to be painted for my new look...Modern Farmhouse decor.

Here is the before 

Here is the after photo, but not completely finished.

I bought these old shutters for $10 dollars. I washed them well and then I painted them with primer and then I sanded them down lightly with a fine sandpaper,

Then I sanded them down after painting to get them distressed and frazzled. They came out perfect.

I added a grapevine wreath on each shutter with a burlap ribbon for a $2 decor including the wreath and the Babies Breaths. Total project $14 dollars.

My girlfriend and I put them up yesterday.

Another completed project for 2018.

The after photo
I still have to make the long sign that will say "Sweet Dreams".

I bought these jars at Dollartree and I filled them with soil and these almost real succulents that I also bought them at Dollar-tree. Spent $4.

My makeup vanity got a new color and it looks great.

 Thank you for stopping by. Have a great weekend.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Living room and Kitchen 2018 Update in Home Decor

Hi everyone,

My apartment has gone through an amazing change as of January 15th. I have been a very busy beaver painting, reupholstering, staining, redecorating and purging every corner of my apartment. Goodwill is very happy every time I stop by (4 times so far) with the car loaded to the max. I have gone into the gray and white farmhouse decor in a modern way...the Joanna Gains style from the hit show "Fixer Upper".

I am still working it at it and photos were taken a month ago so some things in the apartment have been changed since then. When I am completed I will post my home tour photos so you can all be able to see the difference in decor with before and after photos. 

This is my living room and part of my kitchen still a work in progress.
As of today the bookcase in this first photo was removed and was replaced with a black table.
The plants will be removed this next month and will be going into the balcony once the weather warms up.

New sewn cushions look so much better and new blue frames to match the curtains.

My wreath was lightened up with white paint since it was a lot darker and the brown center was replaced with black fabric..

New white sheers and blue curtains.

The mirrors were repainted in gray and black with twine edging.

Lamps were repainted in gray with twine decor and beads..


The shelf was sanded and repainted from cranberry to gray with a natural wood top.

I made the sign to go with my cabin picture

Monday, April 2, 2018

5 Lovely Ideas To Decorate Our Homes

The new look in most magazines is the Modern Farmhouse Decorating, Just like the HGTV show "Fixer Upper".
Here are 5 lovely decorating ideas you can copy for your Farmhouse.

I fell in love with these shelves so much I am having them installed in my kitchen.

I love the cow painted on the frame. She is lovely.

I also copied the "Home" sign. It's so beautiful.