Wednesday, February 14, 2018

2018 Decorating Project no.6...Kitchen Counter Chairs

I was so excited to write this post. Here are my kitchen counter chair photos before and after. 
It has been 10 years since I last redecorated my apt. I was still stuck back in the early years of 2008. I truly needed to update in color, decor and current colors. So here are my chairs. I am in love with them.

These are the chairs before I began my redo. Notice that I already had ripped the trim off.

After, grays, cream and tan. 





Love the brown trim between the wood and the cushion.

They were scratched, worn and looking shabby.


Total spent $11 dollars for trim and glaze. I had the fabric, tacks, paint and I did not need to change the cushion. Now that's a frugalicious job! 

Friday, February 9, 2018

2018 Home Project no. 5...Brightening up Three Scroll Frames

So far 2018 has been a very busy year. I am still trying to finish many home projects for this year since I am going to have rotator cuff surgery on the 23ed of February. After surgery, I will be convalescing for 10 weeks. Even though my shoulder hurts a lot it hasn't kept me from doing everything I need to do.  

Here are 3 resin scroll frames I picked up about 5 years ago at a garage sale and I paid $3.00 for all three of them. Through time they had lost its shine, so I brightened them up with silver and gold leaf. Check out how they turned out.

Before they were dark and with no shine.

The process, using a rag I dabbed some silver leaf all around the frames and then I dabbed the gold leaf over them.

Now the frame looks great.

Lovely results.

The after results. 

 Total cost: zero dollars. I already had the paints.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

2018 Redecorating Project no. 4

As my quest continues to redecorate my home frugaliciously, I am happy to say this upholster footrest was another no-cost decorating accomplishment since someone had given me this fabric several years ago. By the color of the new fabric, you will see the colors I am using throughout my home. Browns, grays, creams and some corn husk blue. 

Here is the footstool before

Here is the after



It looks lovely

and it cost me nothing to do...the fabric was free.
Now that's a frugalicious makeover!