Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Extreme Couponing and Loving It

It's been pretty busy here at home. I am currently keeping up with my raw vegan diet, getting lots of free stuff with manufacturer's coupons, I am also getting ready for my family Caribbean trip and my constant decorating throughout the apartment never ends. These last two weeks have been great picking up some free items and a .99 cents great buy.

As an extreme couponer and a very frugal gal at heart, my stockpile has been growing a lot. And since I could get more items for free, well why not. That means I don't have to pay for it which is more money to put in my bank account.

Here is what I've gotten in these last 2 weeks.

I picked up 10 Tide detergents for .99 cents each by using a $1.00 off coupon (the sale was $1.99 each). I then went back 2 days later and I picked up another 10 more.

Then our drug store had Arm & Hammer deodorants for $1 each and I had 18 coupons for $1 off each one...so I got all 18 of them for free.

and I also got 11 ladies Degree deodorants for free with 11 $2 off coupons and 1 Arrid ladies deodorant for free all at Dollartree..

I picked up 8 Pure Silk and 8 Noxzema Razors for free at Dollartree.

I also got 24 Libby's can vegetables for .25 cents each at our main grocery store. They had them at  2/$1.00 and my coupon said if I buy 4 of their can vegetables I would get a dollar off, so the 4 cans came up to $1.00...a quarter a piece. Loved it!

I hope you are all using those store and manufacturer coupons, they sure help out a lot.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Decorating with Picture Frames

Do you have a few picture frames lying around the house and you don't know what to do with them? Well, here are some clever ways you can use those unused picture frames.

1. How about using one of them to hang your earrings?

2. Or to hang your keys?

3. Use one of those frames to hang your little girls bows and hair bands?

4. how about a nice framed bookshelf?

5. Or make a nice decorative shelf for some of your home's decorations?

6. How about a framed case for your sunglasses?

7. Or a cool small wall unit?

8. Or to frame your initials on the wall behind your bed?

Either way you use your picture frames, you could never go wrong.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

The Power of Red in the Kitchen

I've seen some gorgeous kitchens, but the punch of red color in those kitchens always made them  look expensive.

No. 1

An aqua and red punch of colors makes this kitchen come alive!...
Absolutely Gorgeous. 

No. 2

A soft cream color and a small splash of red brings the beauty out of this lovely working space.


Lovely red color with a gray background looks gorgeous. 

I love the color of the cabinets 

I hope you liked them all and as always keep decorating.