Sunday, November 19, 2017

Gorgeous Wreaths to Create For the Holidays

I have been impacted by all the beautiful wreaths people create for the holidays.
Here are some gorgeous wreaths I've come across this year. I hope you like them and they may inspire you to create one for your home.

Next week I will post my home all decorated for the holidays.
See you then, and have a wonderful week.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Organizing The Pantry and Organizing Ideas

For some reason the kitchen pantry in any house always seems to get unorganized and messy. When I took the pictures for this post, I had been very busy out of the house for 3 weeks and the pantry just got out of control. After one day at home and devoting my time to clean and organize I was very happy to see it look nicer.
So here is my pantry before organizing it.

this is the after photo
 Every Monday morning from 5am to 8am, I devote all that time in cleaning my kitchen. I not only clean the entire kitchen but I also clean well the pantry, restocking it and organizing it. The pantry gets refilled with food from my year supply of food storage that I keep in 2 walking closets and storage room.

It is nice to have organized shelves.

Here are my gluten free/ dairy free specialty foods, some sugars and grains that are well kept in a netted shoe hanger on the side wall of the pantry. These hangers are not only made to house shoes, but they are also great for small items in the bathroom, the pantry and the inside of any bedroom door to house nicely socks, scarfs and gloves. In my kitchen pantry this hanger houses nicely my small cooking items.  

Large glass and plastic containers can keep pasta, rice and grains from going bad. I purchased these tall glass jars at Goodwill for .50 cents and $1.00...great buys. I washed them well with degreaser and bleach and they are great for my pantry needs.

In my kitchen my glass jars house my granola and brown sugar.

Organizing the kitchen pantry helps keep all your food items at your reach and easy to find.
Have a great week.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Before and After Kitchens, Redone Frugaliciously

Most of us love to redo our homes at least every 5 years, but sometimes just to do a room can be costly. I found some magnificent kitchens that just required some loving work, paint, and creativity for very little money spent...take a look at these before and after photos.

All this kitchen needed to be was painted and some design to make this small kitchen a delight to cook in.

This kitchen got new paint, new silver appliances, and some minimal decorating to make it modern and lovely.

This small kitchen has character, design and a lovely color to make it pop and it seems to say "come on in and sit for a while".

What a lovely country kitchen, by painting the walls and cabinets and by installing wooden boards for countertops it becomes modern and cozy.

Wow, that looks great. From blah to fab!

With just some paint, this kitchen became a whole different looks ready for dinner.