Friday, January 19, 2018

Painting Project no. 2 for 2018

Its been a busy and sickly 2018 so far. I have been trying to get as much painting projects completed before February 23rd, which is my rotator cuff surgery. After this surgery, I may have to slow down on my projects so now is the time to finish them all. But a bad allergic reaction to a bagged salad that contained wheat which I am highly allergic to made my arthritis go haywire. By affecting my R. arthritis it threw me into bed for 4 days, which put me behind on all these projects.

But here is the completion of my second kitchen wooden trash can.





Wooden letters to spell "Trash" was painted in black

I used this black paint because I got 6 of them for 2/.99 was a great buy.

One more look at the before

and the after.

It came out lovely.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Painting Project no. 1for 2018

I hope it's better on your side than how we are here in Ohio. It's been warm but with gloomy skies and nonstop rain for this Thursday. But one thing that I have been doing amidst all the rain was getting much of my cleaning, purging and redecorating done.

 For this new year, I have finally completed my first painting project. On Monday I tackled restoring the beauty of my kitchen shelf. I was so tired of the dark maroon colors that I went to the extreme, from dark to light. 

The colors I am going to use inside my home are gray's, whites and creams with accents of black. Having clean light colors that will make my home refreshed and of course modern. I have posted here some before & after picture taken from different angles of the kitchen.

Here is the before pictures of my shelf.

Here is the after. 
I sanded the entire shelf with my mouse sander. It took all the paint off and I painted the bottom of the shelf with a prime/paint (2 in 1) in a satin base. Then I stained the top with a very light pecan color stain.










Thursday, January 4, 2018

New Decorating "To Do" List for 2018

Happy New Year Everyone.

This year started with me sick but I am back to health and with so much to accomplish throughout the apartment for 2018. 

Here's part of my "To Do" list:

1. Color change throughout the entire apartment
(my new colors...Creams, sandy tan, grays & amber gold accents)

2. Lots of new paint throughout and some furniture art painting
3. Hang new drapes throughout the apartment
4. New rugs throughout
5. Revamp my Makeup area
and the list continues....

But here are some lovely spaces that make my home, home sweet home.

Wall frames will be getting a new paint color

My rooster rules my home and he will continue to have that title above my fridge.

New look to some of these areas

New look to go with the new decor

my living room drapes will also be changed. 

Photos will be coming soon.